House Castles – circa 2009

A man’s house is his castle,
Unless he lives urban residential.
House after house goes down
making way for manors of destiny.

Living on a Cul de sac is the way to peacefulness,
But trucks and trailers live here too.
Nomads of modernity that park overnight and are gone at dawn.
Laborers come and go as bidden by the chariot drivers
With their two-ways beeping and radios blaring.

Who owns this neighborhood?
Pay three thirds to feather his nest.
Developers have replaced bounty hunters?
Realtors put up the posters.

Electric-powered hammers and saws
Replaced the crickets and birds.
Yellow 4WDs have overcome the daffodils.
Whippoorwills overshadowed by sanders and mixers.

Another’s property rights have taken away our living rights.
Day after day, week after week, month after month
and year after year. The drone and dirt of construction 24/7.

We moved to a bigger house and a bigger yard in a nicer neighborhood to have a better life.
To raise our children and help them through school we wanted
A peaceful place, a retreat from the battles of life.
We expected it for more than 5 years.

© Jimmy Locklear 2011

Published by

Jimmy Locklear

One seeking to live from his heart as a follower of Jesus. Son, husband, father, friend. Writer, marketing and fundraising strategist. Veteran of corporate, agency, and high impact organizations.